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Busy Life This year of 2010!!

I forgot I had this Livejournal untill I remember I had one yesterday!! I glad I didn't have to make a new Livejournal!! My life been busy since I been married doing lots of fitness classes two times a week and work at my new job at a dog grooming place! I love working there I love all these's dogs and puppies like my own pets/kids!!! I don't work at at the doggie playcare anymore I miss it at times but I am glad I still have a job at the another place now!! That's about it for now!! About my Busy Life!!! I will try to update this journal more often if I don't forget that I have this journal again!!

Busy,Busy & Busy!!!!

I been busy lately more like all summer!! I been working alot at my job of almost 2 years and exercise with my  mom at our fitness classes 3 days a week. I lost 2 pants sizes aready,gaining some muscle where I didn't know  I had any I lost another half a inch in my arms,legs and my waist I still need to work on my stomach but it is so hard to lose weight in my stomach for some reason why is that?? I need to eat more healthy everyday but is so hard sometimes especially when your hubby is eating late at night. I try not to eat late at night too. I hope I am not sounding like I am complaining too much. But I am so tired of being  ''' CHUBBY''!!

Nephew Wyatt Fox Nider Fleck!!

My nephew Wyatt Fox Nider Fleck is 2 years old now he is finally saying '' Aunite Lyndsay & Unlce Robby!! I can't believe he is talking so much aready he is growing so far!!! Before u know it he will be in school !!! I can't wait to see my family back home in June!! I can''t wait to spend time with my neices and Nephew before they grow up too far!! Me and my hubby Robby been married for 1 year  almost 3 months aready!!  I am so happy!! I been busy alot lately since I been married execrising 3 days a week with my mom I am in a size 14 almost a 13 in my jeans I want to be a size 9 to 10 by next year (2010)!!!!!!

Hugs!! Great expression of Love!!

Hugs!! A hug is an expression of caring.When someone is down,a hug can be comforting.When given to a pal or a friend it means ''You are somone I care about''!! When hugging a child,you are giving comfort that they wanted,loved,cared for, and protected.... same for an adult.
When you hug and hold someone you love,it is caring,it is love,it is belonging.Telling each other,this is where we belong,in each other arms.Comforting,feeling of security,warmth and a sense of peace.
When in love,a hug can be pure happiness.A release from anything else in life that might be bothering you.Because at that moment,when you are hugging,you are where you belong and everything is right!!

Remember to always give the one u love a hug because one day u may never have a change too!!

         GIVE HUGS!!!




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